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Bir - India 2005
Rich Hardings photos of a trip he and a large number of other Avon pilots made to Bir in India during Autumn 2005

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 The mazy road to launch - Rich Harding
 Above the first ridge to the North-West of launch - Rich Harding
 Judging by the glimpses of red, this is Staff, somewhere over the RedTemple - Rich Harding
 This actually looks like I'm in cloud - tbh not sure what happened to it - Rich Harding
 As are red, Bs are blue, Cs are purple, Ds are green, Brakes areyellow, Stabilo is red; the stabilo enables you to recover the glider ifit cravats (folds through its own lines); this can be very useful!) - Rich Harding
 Dr Mike, AN Other, Martin, Thames Valley bloke who always insisted ontaking up the whole of launch for fifteen minutes while he minutelyinspected every single line (and hopefully doesn't know Lucy'sboyfriend, who is also a pilot), Staff, Mark, an Indian bloke, wife ofman who ran the Chai shop, Ken, Lucy - Rich Harding
 Ian, Martin and Lucy (who has a boyfriend in London, allegedly - shewas at pains to point this out to every male under the age of 65,including the Indians, and probably even Swiss pilot Patrice who she mayor may not have told her boyfriend about ;)  - Rich Harding
 Ian and Staff, one more awake than the other  - Rich Harding
 Chai shop - the taxi on the right with the black 'flag' belonged to
 Ian, Mike, Martin (hidden), Staff wonder where the other taxi fell offthe 14km track (only 2.5km as the griffon vulture glides) to take off - Rich Harding
 Chowgan (Bir Colony) with launch just right of centre - Rich Harding
 Chowgan (Bir Colony) with landing field centre, just below middle - Rich Harding
 On the way back to Bir - Rich Harding
 At base, waiting for Lucy to find a thermal to cross back over thevalley at the start of the return leg - Rich Harding
 Yellow firebird and Lucy Legget, last ridge before big crossing levelwith Palampur; I was kind of coaching Lucy through the flight - Rich Harding
 Definitely Martin - looks like we're close to Palampur now though;think this was the following day and the following task then - out andreturn to Palampur and then out to the front ridge and back; total about60km - Rich Harding
 I think I'm at about 10,000ft directly above take off, lookingback to the top of the ridge behind.  The gliders are probably Martin(red) and either John or Graham) - Rich Harding
 Mark and Mike H on upper take off - Rich Harding
 Top launch - the only person I know here is Graham, sitting looking athis instruments beside my grey and red glider bag - Rich Harding
 John Cardiff running reverse launch - you can see it's not exactlyrushing to inflate! - Rich Harding
 Steeply terraced paddy fields, 2/3 of way to Mandi on the day we set afriendly task to repeat my out and return of day 4 - Rich Harding
 Ten seconds later!  I think this is my favourite shot of the whole lot - Rich Harding
 Land, pull brakes, take photo as glider falls to floor; got a great lowsave from the low hill on the left the previous day - Rich Harding
 Graham lands with lots of friends, between Palampur and Baijnath, about10km short of completing the second 45km leg of our out and return toDharamshala - Rich Harding
 Never needed more than Thinsulate gloves - shot is LH brake, speed barline, risers above carabiner - Rich Harding
 Another long glide; carabiner LHS of shot - Rich Harding
 Last big jump before Palampur on the way back from Dharamshala - Rich Harding
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