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Samarth Sharma from India has not only built his own hang-glider and harness but has taught himself to fly.

Aug 2006
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Aug 2006  |  Total images: 1
Home made glider, now a simultator and home made harness
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Home made glider, now a simultator and home made harness  |  Total images: 7
Jan 2007
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Jan 2007  |  Total images: 9
It was a wonderful day at Korna training hill (28th Jan), reached there at about 2.00 A.M. the wind was blowing from the NE and it was ideal for this site. I was able to use the gentle slope for launch in all my flights and it has increased my confidence a lot. All the launches were smooth and perfect and landings were great, not once did the nose touch the ground...I am on top of the world now!!!
July 2006
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July 2006  |  Total images: 19
May 2006
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May 2006  |  Total images: 9
Nov 2006
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Nov 2006  |  Total images: 3
I had three fights is day from the 60feet high training hill called "Korna hill". The conditons were fairly light with gentle wind blowing from the SE. The LZ is vast and clear of obstruction which really helped me in improving my landings a bit. I really love this place, it is an ideal training hill with LZ and Launch all over.
Oct 2006
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Oct 2006  |  Total images: 2
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Paragliding!  |  Total images: 12
Samarth's Logos
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Samarth's Logos  |  Total images: 6
Solar Wings Breeze
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Solar Wings Breeze  |  Total images: 6
He now flies a Solar Wings Breeze hang-glider and is progressing well with his flying "lessons". The pictures and movies in this gallery are a diary of his progress. His photos are not intended to encourage self teaching. It is not Samarth's intention to wrongly inspire anyone to teach themselves to fly. He is against self teaching and would like to make that clear. He taught himself because he had no other choice. He would like to suggest strongly that self-teaching to save money is insane, if instructors are available. He would also like to mention that he took the only professional lessons available to him - PG lessons, to learn more about the principles of flight. Thus he was wise enough to avoid being entirely self-taught. This gallery is here to show those in the HG Internet community who offered advice and equipment how he is progressing.